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Yahoo mail is not working with outlook
about 1 year ago
Yahoo mail not working with outlook

Are you facing problems with your Yahoo mail account? Is it not working with Outlook? Relax! We are here to help you figure out the issues simultaneously fixing them up. Yahoo! mail can sometimes show up errors in MS Outlook for multiple reasons, which should be resolved for the pleasant function of the application. Read on to know how you can troubleshoot Yahoo email working issues with MS Outlook. 


5 Tips to troubleshoot Yahoo mail not working with Outlook issues. 

Solution 1. Check your Yahoo email account

If your Yahoo mail not working on Outlook, the problem possibly be lying with your email account. To check it, compose an email to yourself and send it. If the mail bounces back to you, there are issues with your email account.


Solution 2. Check your internet connectivity 

Make sure you are connected to a strong internet connection. If any issues are detected with the connection, either repair it to shift to another connectivity. 


Solution 3. Re-add the Yahoo email account on MS Outlook

 Remove: opne Outlook and go to File> Account settings> Manage profile> Show Profiles> Remove. 

You can add the Yahoo email account again on Outlook easily by visiting the add account option. 


Solution 4. Check for malware or viruses

Run an anti-virus program on your computer to detect malware or corrupt files that may be causing the issues. 


Solution 5. Check the Anti-virus program

Antivirus programs sometimes cause you to encounter Yahoo mail not working in Outlook issues. Disable such features and try reconnecting your Yahoo mail with Outlook. Once the problem is resolved, make sure you enable it again. 


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