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Yahoo Together: Chat Tool has Gone
9 months ago

Yahoo Together was a group messaging application. It's a group chat that makes life stress-free through organization and smart tools. It allowed you to fold people into the groups you care most about (family, friends, book clubs, bowling leagues) and then divided your conversations with subjects. Unfortunately, Yahoo Together was stopped on April 4, 2019. It is not available for users to access or use their chat features. Yahoo gives an explanation discontinuing this service; that they want to build more customer-friendly tools and focuses on the latest technology.

It is the wise option for Yahoo to shut down the services of Yahoo Together, as it hasn’t been nearly as popular as Yahoo might have expected. The company said that the end of the tool allows them to focus on giving better services that will fit for the needs of their customers. Although, no replacement for Yahoo Together has been declared by the company. But, Yahoo has recommended fans to keep an eye on their Google Play and iTunes App Stores in the future.

Unfortunately for those who weren’t conscious of Yahoo Together shutting down, you only had a chance to download your Yahoo mail chat history if you did it beforehand the shut-down date of the 4th of April. Till then, Yahoo offered a downloader request site where you could get a copy of all your conversations sent to your email address.


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