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What is a Windows Defender?
10 months ago


Windows Defender Windows 10 Antivirus that comes pre-installed in Windows 10—is a ‘Microsoft Antispyware’ which is now popularly known as ‘Proprietary anti-malware protection program of Microsoft’ for Windows 10 operating system. It provides an on-demand scan for all vulnerable threats to provide good firewall protection to the operating system from Spywares, Malware, and Viruses.


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Though the Windows Defender was first released publicly in the year 2006 for the purpose of protecting the system as well as its files, data, and programs, etc. But, it reaches new heights in its segment only with its newer version.


However, if we start discussing Is Windows Defender Good then, no one will come to any conclusions as the definition of ‘Good and Bad’ for every individual is different! So, in order to know how well Windows Defender works as compared to its competitors then, what best you can do is refer to several monthly tests (like AV-Comparatives and AV-Test) that have been conducted only to compare all the available antivirus software in the market.


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