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What Happens When You Deactivate Kik Account?
10 months ago

Not every app available on the internet is made for everyone's taste. So, after using Kik—the Messaging app, if anyone of you realizes that its appeal has faded for you then, you can delete your Kik account. However, before deleting your Kik account remember that Kik permanent deactivation indicates the following —

  • Your Kik username will no longer be available on the Kik application.
  • Your Kik account will no longer be available for access.
  • Your Kik account profile will be deleted from your contact lists.
  • You will no longer receive or send messages on Kik application,
  • And, you will not be able to retrieve your Kik account back to access your data, message history, contacts, etc.

That’s all! After understanding the above-mentioned consequences of deleting your Kik account permanently, if you still want to delete your Kik account then, you can easily do so.

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