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What Happened To The Textsheet?
10 months ago

As millions of students from all across the world were usually dependent on this medium for online education, they wonder what happened to the ‘Text Sheet’ every time they try to access the site. Eventually, they put across questions like ‘Is Text Sheet Down?’ but soon realized that the ‘Text Sheet’ website has been taken down due to some ‘Copyright’ issue. It is no longer available for students to help them in solving their paper, completing their assignments, and making important notes. However, there’s nothing to worry about as you can opt for the ‘Chegg website’— it’s like Text Sheet only.

This website provides a high range of assignments and answers to all your educational queries. Not only that but, on the site, you can even request the specialists to assist you in solving your queries if not already solved.

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Some questions asked by users- 

  • Is there an alternative to Textsheet?
  • What is Textsheet?
  • How do I bypass the Chegg paywall?
  • Is Textsheet illegal?
  • Is it worth it to get Chegg?
  • How expensive is Chegg?
  • Can I get a free trial of Chegg?
  • How do you blur the text on Course Hero?
  • Is Chegg cheating?
  • Can you cancel Chegg after free trial?
  • Is Chegg legit for answers?
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