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How to remove Ask Toolbar from chrome
about 1 year ago

Have you accidentally downloaded the Ask toolbar and want to remove it? Ask toolbar malware can damage your device for multiple reasons, it is crucial to remove it immediately if you have detected it in the respective browser. Read on to know how can you remove the ask.com toolbar from chrome. 


Remove Ask Toolbar from Google Chrome

Method 1. 

Follow the steps given below to free your chrome from the ask toolbar

  1. Open the browser toolbar
  2. Go to menu bottom
  3. Select tools> extensions
  4. Locate Ask.com toolbar
  5. Click to remove it 
  6. Go back to the Chrome menu button
  7. Select settings
  8. Visit the search section and hit on “Manage Search Engine”
  9. Press on the “Make Default” 
  10. Select “Google” it will set Google Chrome as the default search engine
  11. Now, go to the search engine list and search for Ask Toolbar 
  12. Click on “X” to remove the ask toolbar from chrome 


Method 2. 

  1. Is this message “This extension is managed and cannot be removed or disabled” under the Ask.com search extension?
  2. First, you need to close Chrome
  3. Go to the home screen and click anywhere on the empty part of the right taskbar
  4. Among several options, select “Start Task Manager”
  5. Now hit the “Process” tab. Select running chrome.exe*32 
  6. Now press the “End Process” 
  7. Start control panel and go to “Program and Features” or to “Add or Remove Program”/ “Program”
  8. Select and uninstall Ask toolbar applications, such as Ask.com and Ask toolbar updater 
  9. Restart the PC
  10. Navigate “Disk Cleanup”
  11. Select “C hard drive” (or other) 
  12. Hit “OK” and clean up the drive
  13. Go back to the Chrome menu and select “Settings”
  14. Locate “Show Advanced Settings” > “Content Settings” > “All cookies and site data” to remove cookies


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