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How to recover hacked Twitter account?
6 months ago
Recover hacked twitter account

Having twitter helps you to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the world. But, struggling with a hacked account is very frustrating. And you start searching the internet to recover twitter account

This simple guide given by us will help you to get your account back and prevent such problems in the future.

What to do if your account is hacked?

If your Twitter account has been hacked and compromised, then don’t panic. We will tell you how to recover Twitter account. The best way is to follow the methods given below.


  • Reset your Password


If you think that somehow your account has been hacked, then the first step to do is to change the account password. Also, make sure the email address linked to the account is safe. If possible change the password of the email as well.


  • Check your app access and recent sessions


If you still have the access to your account, you can check the third-party apps and current logins.  For this, follow these instructions: Settings and privacy > Data and Permissions > Apps and Settings.

Revoke the permission to any app that you do not know. This will help you with your twitter recovery account.


  • Ask Twitter for help


If you do not have the access to your account and are logged out, contact @Twittersupport to report the issue. This step may take some time but you will get your response.

If you are still wondering how to reset twitter account, look through the guidelines provided by Twitter.

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