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How to recover a suspended Twitter account
10 months ago

You must have heard about the recent news about Twitter suspending some prominent account with millions of followers. Why and how did it happen? Twitter has right over all the accounts running over it. Subsequently, it suspends an account whenever any suspicious or less ordinary activity is detected on it. 

Has your account on Twitter got suspended? One other reason for Twitter to suspend an account is the security of each account. For instance, If Twitter observes an account is subjected to be hacked or compromised, it temporarily blocks it. Whatever may be the reason for your Twitter account suspension, continue reading this article to know how you can recover a suspended Twitter account


How to recover a suspended Twitter Account? 

There are two ways to recover a suspended account for violating the terms and conditions of Twitter. If your account is suspended because any suspicious activity is found on it, you can recover it by verifying your identity. Whereas, the other is to file an appeal. Follow the steps given below to get your account out of suspension. 

Recover a suspended Twitter Account 

  1. Either open the Twitter mobile app or go to the Twitter website to restore your account. 
  2. On the login page, click on the “Start” button and enter your details- mobile number or email and the account password.
  3. Press the “verify” button and locate the verification code sent on your mobile or the email address. 
  4. Enter the code and select “submit”. 
  5. We recommend you change your Twitter password to ensure its complete security. 

However, you need to delete certain problematic tweets and re-tweets to prevent your Twitter account suspension.

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