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How to login on zoom
about 1 year ago

Lately, zoom has been one of the most used apps of all. Pandemic has made Zoom a part of one’s life, from students using Zoom for online classes to corporate using it for their official meetings and interview, to individuals using it to stay connected with their family and friends, Zoom usage got an immense and sudden hike during a pandemic. Using zoom has been a very new experience to most of all which also has caused a lot of mess and hectic situations among users. Many people find Zoom login complex technicalities since they aren’t familiar with these apps and learning it makes them go through some more complex technical terms which results in leaving it all on themselves.

If you are one of them, here’s good news for you all. We are here with the easiest methods on how to signup on zoom, which will surely make your problem in login with zoom, vanish within a minute and you’ll be easily able to operate the zoom.

Steps to signup for zoom

  1. You can either download zoom on your device such as PC/Laptop or you can also Install zoom available on the play store as well as the apple store.
  2. Open zoom, you’ll be asked to enter a few of your details such as date of birth, name etc. 
  3. Next, you’ll be dragged to a variety of options on what kind of account you want, if it’s for work bases, then enter your work email address and details asked regarding it.
  4. As you’ll enter email id, the zoom will forward you an activation code to activate your zoom account
  5. After this, enter your name with the first and last column respectively.
  6. Next page, you get an option of inviting people to your zoom meeting via email, if you don’t want to invite anyone, for now, click skip and move forward.
  7. For the desktop version, there will be a “Start meeting Now” button, which will provide you with a link to your meeting  URL, through which you are supposed to either download or install the Zoom app
  8. For the installed Zoom app, press the “join a meeting”/”signup  button to start your test meeting
  9. Now your signup for zoom is done, on the next page just enter your registered ID and password 
  10. Once you are into it , press the “New Meeting “ button to start your zoom meeting.

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