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How to get back my disabled Instagram account
over 1 year ago
Recover disabled Instagram account

If you deleted your account or even if your Instagram itself has deleted your account, then you might see that your account got disabled. Now, if you are in such a situation and ask ‘how to get Instagram back after being disabled’, then we assure you that you are in the right place.


Follow the methods given below to reactivate your account: 

If you have disabled it:

You can follow this particular method at the time when you have disabled your Instagram account. This is the simplest method, what you will have to do is open instagram.com and then access the login page of the Instagram account. 

Enter the login credentials of your Instagram account and then hit on the login option, this will recover your account in a simple method. 


If Instagram has disabled it:

In case, if Instagram has disabled your account, then you must understand that you have violated the set of community guidelines that need to be followed by each and every individual in the Instagram account. 

If Instagram disabled my account, then I will follow this method and recommend all the readers to also follow the same. 


Users will have to visit the help center of the Instagram account and then appeal to Instagram about your account being disabled. Never apologize for anything since that might show that there is something wrong on your end. 

You can keep on appealing until you recover your Instagram account successfully. Also do not keep on explaining in too many lines, just be specific and tell what your issue is. 

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