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How to fix Pc restarting problem
2 months ago

What happens when you are engaged in an inevitable work on your pc, but it turns off without any prior warning? Computer turning off automatically is more suffocating than any other thing because it not only hinders your workforce but also gives a persistent headache. But you don’t need to worry about it anymore. We have assembled some tricks to avoid pc restarting problems. 

These are some efficacious methods to troubleshoot Pc restarting issues 


Solution 1. Reboot your compute in a safe mode

Perhaps some malware or system errors are causing your computer to turn off automatically. You can restart your computer in a safe mode by pressing and keeping hold of the shift key, now select and give the command to restart your computer without releasing the shift key. 

As soon as your PC begins the rebooting process, you can release the shift key and wait until your computer completes the reboot in a safe mode. 


Solution 2. Disable the Fast Startup option

If you have enabled fast startup, you may notice the fast reboot everything you restart your computer. This feature may trouble your device and therefore cause PC restarting automatically issues. You need to disable it immediately. 


Solution 3. Is the Automatically reboot feature on?

Automatically restart feature, especially in windows 10, restarts your system whenever it spots any system error, malware, or viruses. If you are spotting computer restart automatically frequently, you can disable this feature from advanced settings under the system and security section. 


Solution 4. Delete recent window updates or recently installed apps

If the PC restarting problem occurred just after you have installed a new application of the window update, you need to delete it right now! You can delete a certain program from the control panel. 

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