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How to Recover deleted Gmail account without recovery phone
about 1 month ago
How to recover Gmail account

Since the development of Gmail by Paul Buchheit in 2001, sending paper mails has become obsolete. Now barely anyone uses them for transferring messages whether it is official or unofficial. But what happens if you have accidentally deleted your email account and are unable to recover it without recovery mail and phone number? Stick to the end to know how to recover your Gmail account


How to recover a Gmail account without recovery phone and email? 

The very first thing that appears on your screen is your email account’s password? But what happens if you happen to forget it? You can identify your Gmail account by manually answering some identify questions. 


  • Search for Google Account Recovery and click on it.
  • Provide your email address and tap on next
  • Click on “I don’t know” on being asked for the last password 
  • Answer all the questions under the “Verify your identity” section


Apart from password, recovery mail, and phone number, Google asks for Two-Factor Authentication for securing your account. This helps to select a device you want your Gmail code on. You can click on Sign-in and security then tap on password and sign-in methods, there you will a two-step verification option. Click on it and the 2FA will be done.


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