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How do You Know If You're in Facebook Jail?
3 months ago

Users are in ‘Facebook jail’ when Facebook blocks the user’s power and ability to perform anything on the Facebook account. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to know if a user is in Facebook jail or not. Therefore, to confirm it, look for these reasons:

  • Breaking Facebook rules and not following Facebook’s T&C.
  • Getting Fake likes on Facebook.
  • Uploading inappropriate content.
  • Behaving bad or inappropriate with Facebook other users

So, now as you know the various reasons that could probably lead you to Facebook Jail or disabled Facebook account; use these to avoid yourself from getting into Facebook Jail:

  • Make use of the site properly
  • Use only one account per person
  • Avoid being weird
  • Aware of getting into other’s dirty play
  • Don’t Misbehave
  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Don’t Spam
  • Avoid posting too much content in a single day
  • Tag carefully and avoid being anonymous
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