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How do I Setup a Spectrum Email in Outlook 2010?
10 months ago

The Roadrunner email is yet another email service provider. It is the utmost secure and safe platform that does not allow unsafe use age of the user’s data. Most importantly it is a well-known platform used by millions of populations around the globe. As known to the fact Roadrunner allows using email service for Time Warner cable to access their account.


But a common issue arises by the users stating that their Roadrunner email is not working? This particular error occurs because their outgoing email server is not configured properly. The solution to this is that you need to change the time Warner policy to block outgoing mails from authentic users by logging in to your Time Warner email.


Besides all the efforts and after entering your roadrunner webmail login, if you are still facing the same issue then you should contact the roadrunner help center.


Steps to set up a spectrum email in outlook are:


  • Open Outlook and click the file menu
  • Click add account
  • Select manual setup and click next
  • Select IMAP or POP3 and click next
  • Fill out your full name and email address
  • And if you want to know the server information then select IMAP
  • Next to log on information, fill out your username and password
  • Then enable your outgoing server (SMTP) in your Comcast SMTP settings and use the same settings in your incoming server.
  • Click 0k then next when finished
  • Now you can sign in to your Spectrum Email account.

See also - https://getassist.net/fix-roadrunner-email-login-problems/

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