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How Do I Log Into My Outlook Email?
12 months ago

Though Outlook offers you easy access to your Outlook email accounts for a quick and simple way to manage all your emails and messages but sometimes due to some technical issue or error, the opposite happens. Thus, we’ve thought of mentioning here what can be done in situations when you’re not able to log into your MS Outlook email account from the Outlook app. So, let’s have a look:

Fix 1: Disable Windows Firewall:

Sometimes, the faulty Windows Firewall setting can block or interfere in the better functioning of the other available application on your desktop thus, avoiding this possibility behind the encountered ‘login issue with Outlook,’ disable the Firewall setting on a temporary basis. To do so, select the ‘Windows Firewall’ option from the ‘Windows Control Panel’ and then, click on the ‘Turn off’ option. 

Fix 2: Open Outlook in ‘Safe Mode':

Before, trying to log into your Outlook email account, open the Outlook app in Safe mode and to do so first, press the ‘Win +R’ key and open the ‘Windows dialog box.’ Inside it, type ‘Outlook/safe mode’ and hit the ‘Enter’ button to finally open Outlook in safe mode.

Now, open the Outlook app on your desktop, select the ‘Sign-in’ option, and enter the Outlook email account login credentials to sign in to your Outlook account without any further trouble.

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