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Buying and Selling using Facebook marketplace
over 1 year ago


  • What is it?


Facebook marketplace is a platform where sellers can list their products and buyers are available with multiple choices for the product of their need. It allows users of age 18 or above to post pictures of their product and connect to people around the globe in an EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT manner.


  • Perks of the Facebook marketplace.


With around 100 billion active users around the globe everyday marketplace allow you to scroll around the world and look for the best products according to the customer needs and allowing the customers to communicate and get to know whether it’s a genuine product or not, also Marketplace does not differentiate between large scale businesses and small scale businesses it provides equal.


l opportunity to all Its clients.


  • Extra’s you need to know about the Facebook marketplace.


The senior director of social media Mr.Rachael Powell says “Marketplace adds immense transparency and credibility”. Unlike the platforms like OLX where the listers are completely anonymous here, the Facebook marketplace provides users all the information about the seller, buyer as well as product. And Facebook helps Its clients trust the platform by providing 24*7 customer service if HE/SHE faces any problems with the interface around the globe.

It also allows the users to transfer money in-app purchases and keeps the customer data end-to-end encrypted which generates a sense of reliability and trust in the mind of users, unlike other listing platforms where the buyer is not allowed to transact any of the payments which creates a sense of insecurity to users because the whole process of deal payments takes place outside the knowledge of service providing partner,

Those were some major reasons on the grounds of which you can consider FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE.


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