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Bellsouth email not working on iPhone
12 months ago

Bellsouth email is one of the best email service providers with multiple features available so that you can enjoy using it. So while you are using it, all of a sudden ‘Bellsouth email not working on iphone issues emerge. What will you do immediately to fix this particular issue? Before going into the solutions to fix it let’s look at the reasons possible for your email to stop working on your device. 


Reasons your account not to work:

When you are facing issues with your internet connection, probably you will be facing errors while using your Bellsouth email account. 

If you cannot remember your login credentials, then you will never be able to log in to your Bellsouth account. 

When the server has some sort of issue, it will result in an error on your email account.

Bellsouth email not working on iPhone occurs even if your mobile has some sort of errors technically or whatever-related to it. 


Some tips to fix this email error on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open your device and go straight to its settings option. 


Step 2: When the device’s setting is opened click on the mail and then on the accounts.


Step 3: Then you will have to choose any of the email service providers that appear. Add your account information and check out whether the IMAP and pop settings have given are correct. 

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